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Minneapolis indie-rock band, Sigcell, returned in 2019 with Pile of Ghosts, an EP far removed from their deeply introspective debut record, The Poet. Comparatively, Pile of Ghosts is as sparse as The Poet was lush. Trading layers of electronics for acoustic guitars, rich vocal harmonies and a hint of old west aesthetic, Pile of Ghosts evokes characters reckoning with a future they’re not ready for. The band is currently recording the follow-up to Pile of Ghosts which will see a return to a heavier electric guitar and alt-rock sound. 

Sigcell has been around in one form or another since 2001 with several different band members joining, leaving and returning over the years. 
Their first record, The Poet, was released in 2005. Since that time, the band has floated in and out of the public eye and stage with band members spending time pursuing other projects. In 2015, original founding members, Peter Wannemacher (Vocals/Guitar) and Andrew Munsch (Guitar) were joined by Sam Keenan (Bass) and Ben Stein (Drums).

Pile of Ghosts

Recorded and Produced by Sigcell 
at Another Place Studio

Mixed by Jared Miller at The Filter Lab
Mastered by Bruce Templeton at Microphonic


Peter Wannemacher (Vocals, Guitar)
Sam Keenan (Bass, Drums)
Andrew Munsch (Guitar)

Guest musicians
Sarah McCaffrey Ritchie (Vocals)
Anthony Dick (Bass on Pile of Ghosts)


Management: Sigcell - Peter Wannemacher (612) 229-8009

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